Air Gap

Air Gap is my first major project to be publicly released, originating from a Global Game Jam entry. I will post news about it on the devlog as well as updates on Twitter. Major releases will be listed below, with most recent towards the top.

Alpha 3 - April 11th 2019

Direct Download (Windows) Linux Mac

There's 20 levels in this build (plus the bonus "sandbox" level at the end), so I'd be interested to see if anyone has finished them all. As noted was planned in the last devlog, the "display" chips now have a graph, and mousing over components whilst the sim is running shows a similar graph - hopefully this makes it easy to figure out what is going on in the circuit. I would like to expand this to having the graphs "snap out" and be placeable on the UI, for easier comparison.

Alpha 2 - November 4th 2018

Direct Download (Windows) Linux Mac

A few improvements to the game's introduction, mainly by adding annotations to hopefully explain things better. There are also a couple of new puzzles, though many one's I'v designed still aren't in game due to me focussing on improving the flow of the early game. Behind the scenes, more of the level editing is taking place within the game, and should hopefully be migrated entirely away from Unity editor by the time I release the next build.

Alpha 1 - October 1st 2018

Direct Download (Windows) Linux Mac

Air Gap was chosen for further development, but this happened around the time of my University dissertation being due and me going into employment, so progress has been slow. Graphically there is little change, only a few small improvements to the UI and colour scheme. The main changes for the player are in terms of the level design, with a much more in depth tutorial. A bulk of the work went into design and technical work behind the scenes. The levels in the game are largely tutorial and represent about half of the currently designed levels. The technical work mainly focussed on level loading and saving systems, as well as rudimentary level editor functionality (not yet in a state useful outside of Unity editor though).

GGJ Version - January 28th 2018

Direct Download (Windows) Linux Mac

This is the version created for the Global Game Jam (2018), and is a very quickly implemented version of the idea. It suffered from a few glitches in the timing that makes a few of the puzzles very difficult, and the levels were hardcoded into the game as separate objects.