Various games I've made. Older games may be on my LD games page. Games from December 11th 2016 onwards should work on all hardware. Older games will likely not work if you have a GPU that cannot compile GLSL 3.3, or otherwise does not support the "layout" functionality. If any of this work interests you, feel free to check out my CV.

A bitter pill for cuboids
- March 2nd 2017

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If Rambo were a capsule. My first time making a third person shooter, and also my first time finishing a game in Unity. Due to my inexperience with Unity and how scene loading worked, I opted to instead just have the level slowly expand. I feel this gives the game a good pacing. WASD/Space + Mouse, R to swap weapon slots Also supports gamepad (though will require rebinding in launcher). Made over 3 weeks for the "Rising Star" code competition run by Sumo Digital (finalist). Made with Unity

Sight - December 11th 2016

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Epilepsy warning! A first person game about perception. Inspired mainly by "Antichamber", as well as abstract art in general. I played with shaders a lot and really tried to generate an atmosphere of claustrophobia or dread. WASD/Space + Mouse Made in 48 hours for LD37 - Theme: One Room Made with C++/SFML/OpenGL/Bullet

Too Late - August 29th 2016

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Explore the ruins of long dead civilizations. Basically just a "walking simulator", the main focus of this project for me was to focus on integrating Bullet physics into my framework, though I also spent a lot of time on procedural generation here. Also the first game where I really added music, though it's extremely simple I feel it creates a good unsettling atmosphere. WASD/Space + Mouse Made in 48 hours for LD36 - Theme: Ancient Technology Made with C++/SFML/OpenGL/Bullet

Suffragette - June 19th 2016

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This game was created for a steampunk gamejam run at the University of York. We were given inspiration in the form of pictures and text from the National Archive. I decided to make the game about a suffragette, though wasn't able to incorporate much story because I ran out of time. The theme also inspired the visual design, with a sepia tone style (this also had the advantage of not running into issues with colour blindness, as we were scored also on accessibility). Arrow keys/space, p for pause, o for slowmotion Made in 48 hours for The Great Steampunk Gamejam Made with C++/SFML/OpenGL

Binary Button Battle Blobs - December 14th 2015

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Raise your blob and battle other blobs! An homage to the classic "pet raising" games. The challenge of only having two buttons was interesting, and it was tempting to simply have a "binary tree" control structure, but I think this turned out quite well. This also differs to most of my games in that it has multiple screens of gameplay, where most of my other games have the entire game on one screen or space. I ended up just having a class for each screen but if it were much larger I'd likely go for a data-driven approach. Left/Right arrow keys Made in 48 hours for LD34 - Theme: Two Button Controls, Growing Made with C++/SFML/OpenGL

God-damning birds! - December 8th 2014

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A god game in which you fight birds. Inspired by classic god games, this game puts the player in charge of worshippers. The player gains mana through worship, and must use worshippers to fight birds. The terrain is all per-pixel destructable, and consists of multiple "blocks" of pixels that are rendered. Each block uses a different layer in the texture, and the texture is only updated when the block has a pixel change. This means that it is quick to update the texture but also quick to render. In the final game only a few pixels generally change at a time (no large scale changing abilities were added) so it would have been possible to just use a single large texture onto a single quad but this method means if an entire block were to change (eg from explosion), it would only require a single update. The birds use a boids style AI, but due to the grid aligned nature and constant speed it does not work that well (should have used sub-pixel movement/velocity and then just rounded). Mouse - Select/Move orders P - Place follower T - place tree F - place forge C - Chop trees W - Worship S - Smelt iron into swords Made in 48 hours for LD31 - Theme: Entire Game on One Screen Made with C++/SFML/OpenGL

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